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International and Domestic Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Tax planning encompasses the use of a broad range of tools to minimize taxes owed to the State and to the Federal Government. Tax savings can come in the form of deductions or credits against your income or a reduction (at least on paper) of your estate for estate tax purposes. While each client’s needs will differ, domestic and international tax planning may include:

Capital Gains Bypass Trust
For Income tax Deduction, Elimination of Capital Gains, increasing of monthly income, and Reduction of Estate Taxes

Family Limited Partnerships
For Estate Tax Reduction, and Potential Income Tax Reduction

Children’s Trust
For Reduction of Estate Taxes, Asset Protection, and Protection of Children

Tax Free Inheritance Trust
For Reduction of Estate Taxes, Asset Protection, and providing 100% tax-free income to heirs

Qualified Personal Residence Trust
For Estate tax Reduction, Asset Protection, and Gifting to Heirs

Family Foundation
For Income Tax Deduction, Estate Tax Reduction, Asset Protection,and Provision of Income Stream For Children

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